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I was raised in a residential district called Sumida Ward in Tokyo. By participating in the local Japanese town festivals since I was a child, I’ve learned the joy of self­ expression from the good, old­-fashioned, passionate people there. When I was in high school, I was a vocalist and guitarist in a rock band. There, I learned to express my raw emotions in the different ways in which the people at the festivals expressed themselves.


When I was nineteen, I decided to move to London to expand my horizons. I was hoping to find something that I couldn’t encounter in Japan. My time in London was the major turning point in my life. The city had a wide variety of cultures and a great history, and those were huge inspirations for me. The atmosphere of the place emanates the freedom to express yourself in whichever way you want. I discovered different forms of arts in the museums and as well as on the streets. That’s the time when I picked up the drawing again, which I haven’t done in several years.


While living in London for two years, I gained interests in many different cultures, but at the same time it made me realise my own arrogance. So, I decided to see what is out there with my own eyes, to gain experiences that can not be gained from reading books or using the internet. I packed my things and ventured out into Europe backpacking trip back in 2009. I learned about various different cultures, languages, and people rooted in their own areas. I also had a second goal on this journey; my goal was to look around inside the museums and exhibitions in Europe. I saw many great artworks there, and started thinking that mankind and arts have deeper significance than I imagined. From there, I moved to Berlin to integrate my experiences into my art.


I taught myself how to draw and I kept on drawing for three years in Berlin. The people living in Berlin went through a tough time during World War II and the Cold War. That gave them strong opinions and interests in social issues. Hence, people discussed things regarding any social issues on a daily basis and that inspired me. In my artworks, I emphasise this message to society ­­the human ideology and social issues.



After teaching myself how to draw with help on the streets, in 2012 I was accepted to the University of the Arts Bremen in Bremen, Germany. There, I take courses to learn a variety of different techniques, and knowledge of the arts. The city of Bremen is rather small, but the people here are very friendly and liberal. It stretches the boundaries of my work wider and gives them deeper meanings.


BERLIN (2nd era)

Finishing the Vordiplom in Bremen after 3 years of study, I came back to Berlin to continue my study at Berlin Weissensee School of Art. At the same time of doing artistic practice, I focus much more on anthropology with my huge interest, to understand how to reach someone's mind in practice. After 4 years, as the academical study time finishes, I opened my way as Artist, in a clear image of taking over this world. 

Work in progress.....

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