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Son ov Damien


Son ov Damien" is an extraditional inpro-based Band. We are Daniel Rossi(ex. sampling, drum machine, guitar amplifier, microfone, vocals, analog music instruments), Malte Stiel(drumms, percassions), Takuya Oshima(guitar, vocals, programming). 
We mainly focus on an investigation to an unknown field through individual sound  approaches. Using analog and digital methods, we bring those into a new sound experience with a taste of a performative prospective. Our sounds has many layers from different sound/cultual backgrounds, and their sites spontaneously appear as our play rolls.



is ein multimedial performative project from Daniel Rossi, together with Malte Stiehl and Takuya Oshima. Rossi creates a sound-performance, emerged specific soundrecordings from the nature and electronic sounds with selforganized drumming elements. In the sense of "back to the roots", its sounds evoke originality of animal human-being, another mood from the natuer through a rituallistic sounds field. 



This project is created by Daniel Rossi, a visual and sound based artist ( It's sound works are based on his fieldrecordings, analog instrument recordings, synthesizer. Online release works are mainly his work, but this project has other side. Live performance is full of inprovisation with Malte Stiel and me.


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