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Memoried Will

Sound installation



Field-recordings, 4ch speakers, self-made programing


The recordings are rundamly turned on and creates ansamble. Those positions and acoustic distance are also randomly set.



This piece is inspired by the history and emotional remain in Warsaaw. The tragic part of its history is really tough, like you can simulationally experience in the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Therefore, I asked myself "how to overcome lost feeling". This question is important for me as japanese, to rethink capture of the fact and emotional overcome. The content is really huge, so I downsized in a everyday-life scale.

The recordings is a log about my personal experience in Warsaw. They are mostly city noise and conversations. While I was working on it, I found a beautiful bell in a market by chance. It was really really beautiful like my new girlfriend. But unfortunately she dissapeared 2 hours after. I was searching it hardly in any methods i could imagine. However, I finally could not make it.

The sound and programing is structured by this story, with my wish to evoke visitors an ephemeral meeting in daily-life and its beauty.

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